We offer a wide variety of health care for the citizens of Oaxaca, Mexico and its surrounding communities.


Quijotes of San Antonio is an IRS recognized 01-C3 nonprofit organization comprised of a missionary team of medical professionals and humanitarians who travel to Mexico on a yearly trip to provide health services to the indigent.


The group dispenses the dollar equivalent of approximately $300,000 in free medical, dental, surgical, and ophthalmologic care in the form of medical and dental consultations, prescription medications, corrective eye lenses, cataract surgeries, and occasional medically indicated surgical procedures. The team works in collaboration with 7 of Oaxaca city’s established city and state health department offices and their staff. Educational activities are also a component of the trip; Quijote specialty physicians have spent time at the local medical school sharing their expertise via lectures and clinical demonstrations. Local medical, dental, and nursing students spend the week alongside Quijote staff providing care for the patients. Prescribed meds are bought “at cost” and comprise of the largest budget item each year. All supplies, meds, equipment, etc. are donated and/or paid for by donations. A portion of the money you spend when you elect to upgrade your eye surgery, will be donated by Dr. Sepulveda to help provide eye care and surgery to the people of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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