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There are multiple factors that cause dry eyes.  Dry Eyes are a very common cause of chronic red and burning eyes.  Furthermore, dry eyes may be one of many causes of  excessive tearing as well.  Frequently, this is very confusing to patients as one would think that “dry eyes” means no tears are produced by our tear glands.  This is true for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s Disease.   But the most common cause of dry eyes is an unstable tear film caused by bacterial overgrowth due to poor eyelid hygiene (Blepharitis) and blockage of the oil producing meibomian glands located immediately behind our eyelashes.


The treatment of dry eyes depends on the root cause of the problem.  At CHES Eye Centers we take a careful systematic approach to the diagnoses and management of dry eye syndromes.  The treatment may range from simple use of preservative free OTC artificial tears and at home eyelid hygiene to more sophisticated treatments performed in-office.  We are one of the few professional medical ophthalmic centers in San Antonio offering Blephex and Lipiflow for the advanced treatment of Dry Eyes.

Expert opinion

A healthy ocular surface is of utmost importance for successful planning of refractive surgery procedures such as LASIK, PRK and Premium Cataract surgery.  Before undergoing any of these procedures make sure to consult with one of our experts to discuss a treatment that better suits your needs.